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    • 16
    • 2013

Management style should vary based on your teams’ personality


This is why managing people is hard. The same tricks you used 5 years ago may not be relevant because your team and their personalities have evolved. Especially in real estate and insurance, with attrition being so high, it becomes even more difficult to understand how best to manage people. Well, personality analytics to the rescue.

When managers were asked about how they varied their style based on new employee influx, over 90% stated that they didn’t change the way they managed. They felt that consistency was a key part of measuring ROI. While this could be true, and drastically varying KPIs could create issues, the softer side of management should actually change. Using personality analytics doesn’t mean ignoring KPIs and hard metrics set, but instead it means incorporating reasoning and rationale for why some people don’t hit KPIs while others do

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