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    Dallas, Texas
Bamboo Realty specialties include urban areas and green living options and for every lease or purchase we make a donation to charity. We have helped thousands of people relocate and find an apartment, loft or townhome for rent in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. Call us today – we would love to help you too.
Agents with the Best Customer Satisfaction


  • Kristen Huff Zufog Reviewer 20140510
    Kristen was just FANTASTIC. She found us a great home and gave me awesome options. I have already recommended her to friends and am so grateful for all of her help. THANK YOU, KRISTEN!!
  • Andrea Lightfoot Zufog Reviewer 20140417
    Andrea very responsive and helpful in my apartment search. She was down to earth and had a more targeted approach when on our tour. I liked that because I had limited time and didn't want to be bogged down with so many options. She was awesome! I would totally recommend her to anyone.
  • Andrea Lightfoot Zufog Reviewer 20140417
    Andrea was great! She was very attentive to the needs of my son who is moving to Houston for grad school! We appreciated her honesty on what she thought would be best for the situation. Thanks Andrea for your time!
  • Tina Green Zufog Reviewer 20140323
    Tina is as good as it gets. I'm a New Yorker relocating to Houston, and I knew I needed someone who was sharp and on top of everything. I was fortunate enough to call Bamboo and have Tina answer my call. It was a match made in heaven from there. She's a genius when it comes to the inner-loop, which is where we were looking. She was completely up-to-date on properties, and she always went back and tried to find us more when we refined our search criteria. I couldn't have been happier with her and her services, and she helped us pre-lease our dream apartment. If you need someone who knows exactly what you need before you do, go to Tina Green.
  • Keisha Wilson Zufog Reviewer 20140318
    Helped us find a nice rental, and offered her time and knowledge in the area desired. Helped me deal with other real estate company's rudeness.
  • Rebekah Stricklin Zufog Reviewer 20140304
    Rebekah is a very charming girl and enjoyable to be around. She had a great knowledge base for the rental market near and around Dallas. I would recommend her to anyone in the market to buy/rent. She was very helpful and I love where we are currently living. Thank you
  • Kisha Wilburn Zufog Reviewer 20140212
    Kisha was an absolute DOLL to work with! I would recommend her for anyone that is searching for a new home! She was prompt, polite, and efficient. I told her what I wanted and she gave me that and more! I was in a hurry and very picky, I didn't feel like she was at all inconvienienced with my questions as well as very knowledgeable and informative!<br /><br />Kisha takes customer service to the next level! I would highly recommend her to any and everyone!
  • Heather Stegman Zufog Reviewer 20140210
    Heather is the Best! I am very lucky to work with her and be able to send her my clients. I would send her my family if they needed to purchase Real Estate. She is one of the hardest working people I know, but she also knows how to have a good time and be Great with the clients. I really appreciate Heather and all that she does. If you don't use her, you are making a huge mistake.
  • Jessica Aleman-Singh Zufog Reviewer 20140210
    I am a seasoned mortgage lender and had the opoortunity to meet Jessica when she and her husband were referred to me for their mortgage financing in 2009. Since then I have worked closely with Jessica on dozens of purchase transactions. I have no hesitation in referring pre-approved buyers to her since I know she will treat them like family or better. She is awesome and very personable. <br /><br />When it came time to purchase my home over 2 years ago, Jessica was my realtor and she was very patient and supportive.
  • Christine Johnson Zufog Reviewer 20140210
    Christine is your source for knowledge on where to live and things to do in Dallas. She is great to work with!



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