DSA Realty
  • 113 E 12th St
    New York, New York
DSA Realty is a full-service Residential and Commercial Real Estate brokerage that was founded in 2007 by Arik Lifshitz and Jesse Rhinier, both of whom realized that there was a better way to conduct Real Estate in New York City. DSA Realty is built upon business mottos of honesty and appreciating relationships, two traits that are absolutely insisted upon with regard to every transaction. Arik and Jesse teach these values to their Licensed Salespeople, whom are carefully selected from a large field of interviewees. DSA Salespeople are taught to specialize in certain neighborhoods so they can become true experts at the properties they represent. This approach has lead to unprecedented high levels of client satisfaction from a Real Estate brokerage.
Agents with the Best Customer Satisfaction


  • Christopher Alicea Zufog Reviewer 20150305
    Chris was very helpful, responsive and fair in working with me. I would recommend him.
  • Victoria Vasile Zufog Reviewer 20150302
    She was smiling all the time and gave me a lot of good information. I do appreciate what she does for me.
  • Victoria Vasile Zufog Reviewer 20150302
    Victoria is a charming, highly knowledgable and polite broker who knows the Astoria rental market intimately. She took her time out to give some titbits about the neighborhood as I wasn't very familiar with it, showed a couple of great apartments based on my requirements, and was very helpful with the other neighborhood information she provided. I highly recommend her.
  • Christopher Alicea Zufog Reviewer 20150210
    It was an absolute pleasure to work with Chris. When we met Chris, there was an instant vibe, where we were able to express our likes and dislikes of his inventory, and have some casual chit-chat, making it comfortable to work together. We felt no pressure, and did not feel that Chris was like the other realtors we had met with- his end goal was not a commission, but making sure we were happy and looking forward to our future apartment. Chris was helpful and accommodating, down to earth, and social. We almost took another apartment after meeting Chris, but wanted to circle back with Chris to make sure we were not missing out on working with him, and apartments he had access to. We ended up completely forgetting about the apartment we had seen, and continued our search with Chris, until we found our new home. We couldn't be happier with his service, and help! I will recommend him to any and everyone! He cares about his clients!
  • Victoria Vasile Zufog Reviewer 20150128
    Victoria was really wonderful to work with. We met with several real estate agents and did not have a good experience with the large majority. Victoria was absolutely the exception. She listened to everything we said that we wanted, showed us several apartments in a very timely and organized manner. She changed the apartments she showed us as we changed what we were looking for, and even helped us realize some of the things we hadn't thought of. She showed us apartments that she thought we would like, but did not try to push anything on us that she knew we weren't interested in, or that was outside of our parameters. She contacted us to follow up but not too much, just enough really. Victoria was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and most refreshingly genuine and honest. I truly wish we could have gone with Victoria for our apartment as she was by far the most deserving agent we worked with. I will be recommending Victoria to anyone I know looking for an apartment.
  • Victoria Vasile Zufog Reviewer 20150127
    Victoria was incredible from day one. Always was responsive to any of our requests, and got us exactly what we were looking for!
  • Victoria Vasile Zufog Reviewer 20150126
    Victoria Vasile showed me an apartment I loved and rented it to me. She made the process seamless and easy. Victoria continues to check in with me even after her part was done. I appreciate how helpful and knowledgeable Victoria has been.
  • Victoria Vasile Zufog Reviewer 20150126
    Victoria was 100% helpful from the first time we contacted her. She found us an amazing apartment in less than 2 weeks ! We were on a tight schede with one of our roommates moving from out of state and got us in our new place right on target. Will not pressure you to go out of your price range and was very knowledgable about the apartment/neighborhood. Would recommend to anyone!
  • Victoria Vasile Zufog Reviewer 20150126
    Victoria was a huge help to us when we were looking st apartments. She showed us high quality places and was always on time. She had an abundance of knowledge regarding the surrounding area and helped us find our apartment.
  • Victoria Vasile Zufog Reviewer 20150120
    Victoria made finding an apartment in NYC stress free. She showed me a handful apartments within my preferences and price range and even after kept sending me new listings. After finding an apartment with her she made the application process easy and was always quick to answer my questions. It's hard to find a broker who really does their job and goes above and beyond for their clients, and Victoria is just that. I would use her again and reccomend her to anyone!



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