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  • Carl McTague Zufog Reviewer 20140226
    He is the nicest professor you will ever meet. He tries his hardest to get you to understand and appreciate his subject. He goes off on tangent that will keep you entertained.
  • Michael Beer Zufog Reviewer 20140226
    I work our with Dr. Beer and he gives me advice on everything from girls to school. He is a super chill guy.
  • Eileen Haase Zufog Reviewer 20140225
    Eileen really knows how to motivate and promote a positive environment.
  • Carl McTague Zufog Reviewer 20140225
    Genuinely want his students to succeed and answers questions well
  • Feilim MacGabhann Zufog Reviewer 20140225
    Feilim was an eager professor and I enjoyed his guest lectures in molecules and cells.
  • Maxim Arap Zufog Reviewer 20140225
    Great guy, fair grading, really interactive during lectures (Calc II). He had a bit of an accent, but was still very good about helping out and making sure that we understood the content.
  • Eileen Haase Zufog Reviewer 20140225
    Dr. Hasse is great, I had her as a professor in Molecules and Cells and she is super cool.
  • Robert Allen Zufog Reviewer 20140225
    Is very helpful<br />Trying to help the project succeed
  • Eileen Haase Zufog Reviewer 20140225
    Dr. Haase is an excellent and compassionate lecturer.
  • Robert Allen Zufog Reviewer 20140225
    Is very helpful<br />Trying to help the project succeed



knowledgeable supportive eager productive up to date on subject matter humorous attentive composed experienced capable analytical open to suggestions appreciative well spoken respectful well mannered encourages open discussion sociable assertive down to earth well respected reputable good communicator calculated orderly learns quickly not biased refined optimistic uses dynamic teaching methods helpful charming courteous honorable great public speaker resourceful teammate well informed creates a low stress environment uses online/traditional teaching tools polite technology savvy perceptive friendly shows interest in my education receptive progressive thinker dependable set course objectives and competencies helps troubleshoot problems good collobarator provides career guidance organized creates realistic expectations calm diplomatic keeps their politics out of teaching inspirational thoughtful constructive intelligent fair grader energetic competent takes concerns seriously humble cheerful motivating patient doesn't hold grudges social logical genuine responsive caring perseveres detail oriented proactive observant takes initiative active honest sensitive to others needs optimistic efficient well prepared entertaining