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Free-text reviews

Allow your customers to leave you free-text reviews

360 reviews

Ability for reviewers to know that you have read their reviews

Amplify positive reviews on social media

(Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

Automated SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Outstanding SEO methods to help your pages appear high in search results

CRM Integration for automated review requests

Automatically send review requests to all your customers

Survey customization

Ability to customize surveys to your customers

Customizable Profile pages

Promote yourself using your Zufog profile page which aggregates all the positive reviews and analytics that lets new customers know why you're the best person to work with

Brand pages

Page that curates all positve data about your company in one location for customers to easily see the benefits of working with you

Showcase top talent

Showcasing of top employees on Zufog homepage, blogs and news

Automated review posting to company page

Automatically post all testimonials of your employees on your company website, and your company social media pages

Personality Analytics

Mine review and survey data to understand your personality. For enterprise accounts, you will be able to analyze each employee's personality

Employee Strengths and Weaknesses

Find out team strengths and weaknesses

Custom Dashboards

Includes analytics on real-time customer satisfaction, ability to analyze performance of each employee, and assess competition

Email Buttons

Buttons to allow customers to easily find your profile page and review you

Widget for showcasing reviews

Easy tool to easily and automatically showcase all reviews on your homepage or webpage

API for employees data

Utilize our data end points to integrate into your own analytics and webpage
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