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What is Zufog and How Does it Work?

  1. What is Zufog?

    To a customer, Zufog is an interactive, anonymous and accurate feedback survey system, but there is much more than meets the eye. Zufog provides companies with quality data in order to maximize their human capital. Once a customer leaves a quick review, that data is then broken down into actionable data for management in order to improve their company and better meet their goals and their employee’s needs.

  2. Why is Zufog better than other current review systems?

    Zufog offers companies a minimum 15% increase over any other current review system. In addition, Zufog takes each customer review, runs them through our algorithm, and breaks it down into normally impossible to quantify data. Simply put, nothing else on the market provides the unique insight into a company and their competitors then Zufog.

  3. What is the review process?

    We have 3 simple steps to complete the review, and it should take you no longer than 1 minute.

    1. Select a minimum of 3 traits that apply to the person
    2. Type out a more detailed review. You can leave a positive text review, negative text review or both.
    3. Complete the brief survey

    It's really that easy!

  4. How will the employee know that they have a review waiting for them and how will the customer know that they actually read it? Zufog offers a 360 degree review process. An employee will leave a review request to the customer and once a customer leaves a review, they will be notified. Finally, after the employee reads the review, the customer will receive an email notifying them that their review has been read.


  1. What do you do to protect a reviewer’s anonymity?

    We recognize that a truly honest review is built on an ecosystem of anonymity. We do not display anyone’s negative reviews to the public, nor will we provide any individual or company with information on who left a review.

  2. Is the posting truly anonymous?

    Yes. We are completely committed in protecting a reviewer’s identity when they leave a review.

  3. Will you share anyone’s negative review with others?

    Absolutely not! We do not want anyone reading other people’s negative reviews. They are meant for the reviewed person’s eyes only.

  4. When someone logs in through Facebook or LinkedIn, does it make postings on their wall or reveal that they are using Zufog?

    Logging in through Facebook or LinkedIn simply allows us to search for their contacts in a more efficient manner. We will never use your Facebook or LinkedIn to reveal that someone is using Zufog or are searching through their contacts.

  5. If someone leaves their name all over a review they write, will that still be conveyed publically?

    We encourage people to not sign reviews with their name. We post your message as-is without any edits (as long as the review is not offensive) to preserve the integrity of the review.