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    • 22
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Why should you get feedback?

I have advised several leaders as they build their sales teams. Their first priority is training the sales team and making sure that they are client ready.They then begin to operationalize their sales plans and watch as each sales professional begins to interact with their clients. The better sales leaders watch for signs of cracks as clients complain or sales numbers don’t add up. The best sales leaders however begin to use data to help them realize what makes the best sales professional the best sales professional.

How can you go about using this data? What is this data? There are several pieces of data one can use. Obviously, the sales revenue number by person is a good starting point and it helps you sort out the best from the worst. However, this would be too 1-dimensional and wouldn’t really be a great indicator of recognizing talent.  Adding data points from customer reviews is the missing data point. This can truly help in sorting out the why which is so important as one tries to grow and nurture a sales team.

Sales leaders have often asked me why feedback is important. Apart from the data I’ve mentioned above, its also best to get real feedback to improve your organization. The problem with conventional review systems is that you collect the data and then throw them away, but that’s why a system like zufog.com helps in collecting the reviews and pointing out data trends.

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