• Jan
    • 24
    • 2014

Zufog lets you control your online image and empowers your SEO

Customer review and data analytics are growing and controversial topics in the business world. In an era driven by un-vetted customer feedback websites, businesses are increasingly frustrated at how powerless they are at controlling their customer review data. There is simply no governor on what is being said about your business and who is saying it. This is why our team decided to create Zufog. We set out to build this product to help businesses like yours collect honest customer feedback so that employees can accurately identify their perceived strengths and weaknesses from actual customers.

Zufog puts the power in the hands of company management to control potential (or realized) negative feedback issues. Not only do we collect the customer review data and display only the positive feedback received, but we then evangelize this positive feedback and help share it through popular social media venues and other prominent online sources. Negative reviews are screened and sent to management and employees individually in the interest of self-improvement. Simply put, Zufog collects your customer review data and markets your positive feedback thus driving your SEO forward and improving your employee and overall company image in the process.

You may already have a review system in place and are wondering what we do differently. We at Zufog are well aware that there are a few other systems out there that do a couple of good things, but we are confident that if you review what we offer in our product you will agree that we are unmatched in effectiveness (it doesn’t hurt that we are far less expensive and more easily integratable then anything else on the market place). If you already have a system or are just curious about what we offer, please refer to the list below.

What Zufog will do for your business:

  1. 1. Easy CRM integration
  2. 2. Customizable emails sent on behalf of your company with logo and employee photo
  3. 3. The power to promote only your positive reviews, while negative reviews are kept in house for the employee and company to improve upon.
  4. 4. The most simple customer review process ever created (average reviews take a customer under 30 seconds to complete which leads to incredibly high complete rates)
  5. 5. Personality Analytics of individual employees
  6. 6. Custom employee pages with pictures, bio’s and customer review data
  7. 7. The ability to share positive feedback directly on customer, employee and company social media
  8. 8. Easy website integration (streaming widgets and links within your site)
  9. 9. Comprehensive data breakdown for management. Track of all employee performance and personality analytics. (What makes your best employee your best employee?)
  10. 10. Drastic increase in your company SEO and marketing efforts

Customer review data isn’t something you may have found important in the past, but there is no denying its importance in your future. Contact us today to find out more.

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    • Jan
    • 22
    • 2014

Why should you get feedback?

I have advised several leaders as they build their sales teams. Their first priority is training the sales team and making sure that they are client ready.They then begin to operationalize their sales plans and watch as each sales professional begins to interact with their clients. The better sales leaders watch for signs of cracks as clients complain or sales numbers don’t add up. The best sales leaders however begin to use data to help them realize what makes the best sales professional the best sales professional.

How can you go about using this data? What is this data? There are several pieces of data one can use. Obviously, the sales revenue number by person is a good starting point and it helps you sort out the best from the worst. However, this would be too 1-dimensional and wouldn’t really be a great indicator of recognizing talent.  Adding data points from customer reviews is the missing data point. This can truly help in sorting out the why which is so important as one tries to grow and nurture a sales team.

Sales leaders have often asked me why feedback is important. Apart from the data I’ve mentioned above, its also best to get real feedback to improve your organization. The problem with conventional review systems is that you collect the data and then throw them away, but that’s why a system like zufog.com helps in collecting the reviews and pointing out data trends.

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    • Oct
    • 01
    • 2013

Bye, Bye Star ratings


Star ratings whether for restaurants or individuals just doesn’t cut it. How can you really compare your experience at a restaurant of 3.5 stars to a restaurant of 4 stars. Instead, descriptors are a better indicator. For instance, if you knew that the 3.5 star restaurant had the best ambience in Boston, wouldn’t you be more likely to go?

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    • Sep
    • 16
    • 2013

Management style should vary based on your teams’ personality


This is why managing people is hard. The same tricks you used 5 years ago may not be relevant because your team and their personalities have evolved. Especially in real estate and insurance, with attrition being so high, it becomes even more difficult to understand how best to manage people. Well, personality analytics to the rescue.

When managers were asked about how they varied their style based on new employee influx, over 90% stated that they didn’t change the way they managed. They felt that consistency was a key part of measuring ROI. While this could be true, and drastically varying KPIs could create issues, the softer side of management should actually change. Using personality analytics doesn’t mean ignoring KPIs and hard metrics set, but instead it means incorporating reasoning and rationale for why some people don’t hit KPIs while others do

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