Elliot McVeigh

Baltimore, Maryland


Elliot has been involved in all student activities and one of the only faculty who truly cares about students
Elliot is a great professor. I recommend him highly


Elliot McVeigh 10 10 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.
  • Elliot McVeigh Zufog Reviewer 20131205
    He gives wonderful advice not only regarding courses and internships, but also in life. He's very approachable and eager to help,
  • Elliot McVeigh Zufog Reviewer 20131106
    I have never had Dr. McVeigh as a professor, but I have gotten to talk to him on several occasions. He is one of the more genuinely friendly and respectable people I have met in my five years here. He sincerely cares for the BME department and wants to see it continue to flourish. He is easy to talk to and it is no wonder the BME department is number one with him at the helm.
  • Elliot McVeigh Zufog Reviewer 20130429
    One of the things that stand out most about Elliot is that he is approachable. i still remember that he was the first faculty member that I could clearly talk to about my problems with my advisor. and he did not judge me. I am thankful to him for that.
  • Elliot McVeigh Zufog Reviewer 20130314
    Elliot is an incredible mentor and I am forever grateful for his help
  • Elliot McVeigh Zufog Reviewer 20130313
    Dr. McVeigh has been the most supportive faculty I have engaged with at Hopkins. Really cares about his students
  • Elliot McVeigh Zufog Reviewer 20130312
    Elliot is very dedicated to the well-being of the department. He is very approachable and engaging intellectually and socially. We are lucky to have him
  • Elliot McVeigh Zufog Reviewer 20130312
    Elliot has always demonstrated his commitment to the department and students by participating in many of the student events. These events are generally open to the faculty, but rarely do other faculty members make the same commitment.

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